Buy a home in the East Bay

As you may know we are currently in an extremely competitive real estate market. Since early 2012 we have been in a sellers market. Well-priced and desirable homes in the East Bay almost always receive multiple offers. Low interest rates have brought new buyers into the market, while rising prices and late-night infomercials have turned everyone and their mother into real estate investors.

The uptick in the market is making a confusing process even more difficult and emphasizes the need for a strong agent to represent your interests while buying a home in the East Bay.

When you choose to work with us we provide every tool necessary to help you make the most informed decision. Starting with our East Bay MLS service that provides you access to all the homes currently on the market in the East Bay. The real estate industry has changed drastically. Zillow and Trulia have put a ton of information in your hands and this transparency and added exposure have been great in helping realtors market homes. Unfortunately, in our complex market this information overload has made homebuying all the more difficult.

We guide you through the process pointing out what’s important in your decision and what’s not.

We not only live in the areas we serve, we grew up in them. Born in Oakland, raised in Berkeley and Albany. We know this area from top to bottom. I always tell people I was born in a real estate office and it’s not far from the truth. Here is a photo of my father and mother for Red Oak Realty on Solano in 1987.

Red Oak Realty Top Producers

My father, David Ratoosh, and I work together to this day. When you work with us you receive the experience and local knowledge of 30 years in real estate sales updated and bolstered by the new technology and marketing techniques that have revolutionized the industry.

Though we will help you write the best possible offer and negotiate on your behalf to find you a great deal on your home, our service doesn’t stop there. We continually update our list of vendors who we recommend. We work hard to provide the best options for inspections, insurance, mortgage brokers, and contractors. Our goal is to provide a complete solution for home buying – when you decide to work with us you receive the best service for all aspects of your purchase.

As you can imagine spending a small fortune on a home is a stressful experience. We have completely sacrificed the concept of work-life balance in order to always be there to support and guide you.

You have many choices when deciding who will help you purchase your next home in the East Bay. With a decision this big you want someone trusted, experienced, and available. We are the best option to help you accomplish your goals in purchasing a home in the East Bay.